Not What You Expect!

Real Estate 911 Solutions isn't your average investment company.

It’s About Teamwork

We aren't out to take advantage of the hard times. We are creating a new movement, that helps you, the homeowner.

Veteran Owned

A veteran owned business, Real Estate 911 Solutions was founded on the principle that no one should have their hard work taken away from them, just for falling on hard times.

Unexpected Circumstances

Medical bills, mother nature, losing a family member, are all things that are out of our control, yet when something happens, we have to decide, where our money goes the furthest.

Hard Decisions

Often times, the decision, not an easy one, leaves you without hope. Without help, and soon, without a home.

We CAN Help!

If you have found yourself in Tax Foreclosure, call us!


Real Estate 911 Solutions was designed to help you the homeowner, retain some of the equity in your home and save your credit by preventing the tax auction from taking place. If you or someone you know is facing their home going to auction for failure to pay property taxes, CALL US IMMEDIATELY!!!!


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Based on your situation we determine what options are available to you, and how best we can help you.


Our goal is your goal, to get you out of your current situation without losing what you've worked hard for.

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